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Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

A comprehensive Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is included that lets users view electronic documents while in the field. These documents can be attached to the site, or the inspection, or the equipment location, or a problem. These documents can include but not limited to AutoCAD plans, maps, word documents, Excel speadsheets, inspection manuals, AVI files, warrantees, Adobe PDF's, vibration and oil reports, past Infrared reports, raw IR images and photos, etc). InspecTrend also has the ability to record multiple voice comments as standard .wav files or create drawings / diagrams with Microsoft Paint and store them directly into the database at the time of the inspection.

This makes all related information to a specific piece of equipment instantly available to technicians in the field. InspecTrend also allows you to launch other applications from within InspecTrend so other predictive maintenance report software can be easily used in conjunction with InspecTrend's inspection management system.

Voice recordings - dictate notes directly into the database.

Attach autocad schematics, floor plan layouts, electrical diagrams, etc.

Attach past IR inspection reports for review

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