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InspecTrend Web Manager: Give instant access to inspection results to anyone in your company

No additional per seat licenses needed! Now you can easily share inspection information within your organization using InspecTrend's dynamic web manager. This allows others in your company to have access to the information through a common web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 11) without having to install additional software on each computer system. Using dynamic web technology, InspecTrend enables you to share the inspection results almost immediately with any networked or internet connected computer. This gives authorized users and managers access to the data and reports from anywhere in the world. No more searching for the hardcopy printouts, just log on and review the data. If you want a copy of the data, just print it out. If you need to do more complex data analysis, InspecTrend web manager has an export to Excel feature so you can do review and analyze the data in Microsoft Excel.

With easy and secure access to this information, InspecTrend will keep you up to date on your equipment status, assist you in scheduling your infrared inspections, show you trends appearing in your facility's equipment, deliver failure analysis information, and track your facility's health over time. Management, monitoring and comprehensive data analysis can be done from anywhere in the world with InspecTrend Web Manager. Now you can turn your infrared inspection data into valuable management information with InspecTrend.

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