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Accountability: knowing what's tested and what is not

At the heart of InspecTrend's ability to manage your program is "accountability" - that is, having immediate access to the complete inventory and the associated test status of every piece of equipment. To provide full accountability, test status information should include the date the equipment was last tested; the results of that test; if it was not tested during the last inspection, why not, and when is it due to be tested again?

Setting up your initial inventory

The equipment inventory can be created several ways. It can be entered into InspecTrend in advance, imported from existing CMMS programs or Excel spreadsheets, or can be simply and easily entered into the database while the inspection is being performed. Once you have establish what equipment is to be inspected, you can set up an inspection schedule for each piece. Using bar code labels on or near the equipment can be very helpful in streamlining equipment inventory management and the actual inspection.

Benefits of using InspecTrend for your inspection accountability

  • Bar coding of equipment to be inspected allows for fast identification and data retrieval on equipment during the inspection.
  • Easily documented accountability and accuracy of equipment test statuses with one button reporting
  • Comprehensive history of the equipment's past health and associated documentation is available in the field during the inspection, allowing for more informed analysis of problem conditions.
  • Benchmarking and Baseline trending of equipment along with establishing alarm limit thresholds should the equipment show signs of change.
  • This accountability data can be easily and instantly shared throughout your company with the web manager.

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