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When problems are found during the inspection, information is easily and quickly put into the pen computer utilizing InspecTrend's intuitive Smart Wizards, which guide you through the documentation process. This improves data consistency and reduces training time for new users. Smart Wizards use Plug-in KnowledgeBase libraries to speed up problem documentation and problem profiling. A KnowledgeBase library consists of equipment lists, information from the manufacturers, (such as list price and maximum operating temperatures), and real world data from previous inspections. This includes fault types, root cause failure analysis, and recommended repair procedures.

Knowledgebase Libraries: Enter once, use over and over

The Plug-in KnowledgeBase Libraries allow you to jump-start your infrared inspection PdM program. All new equipment, faults, root causes, and recommended repairs entered during your inspection will be appended to your current KnowledgeBase. Over time, as your program evolves, the KnowledgeBase Library will learn and grow as your program grows. Other plug-in KnowledgeBase Library modules can be added as well, including Industrial / Commercial Electrical, Transmission / Distribution Electrical, and Visual.

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